Not all cities can boast of great shopping. There are some cities that offer you mediocre shopping while there are others that offer you excellent shopping. It never hurts to know where to shop; especially if you are looking for some hard to find items such as beader products.

If you are seeking a city with more than just shopping then welcome to Ottawa! One of the most affordable cities in Canada and one of the largest cities. Ottawa! A city that has so much to offer! A city that is home to the world's largest outdoor skating rinks; the Rideau Canal. There is absolutely nothing stopping you from taking a few days off and traveling to Ottawa after you have bought your new condo.

Many Ottawa residents can easily say that they live in the best of both worlds. They live in a city with lots of greenery and attractions for all seasons and at the same time they can afford to take their vacations at an oceanfront destination. For those seeking a spot for a short visit or weekend outing, Ottawa is the perfect spot. No matter what you can plan to ski on some of the finest trails in the country, bike or hike, or canoe on the Rideau during the summer.

True it is that Ottawa's work force is mainly employed in the government sector but this does not mean that you could not set up a lucrative protein skimmer business or seek lucrative employment in the high tech industry. Ottawa is not only known for its political character, it is also well known for its work in the global technology arena.

You may find that a father may choose to take his family to Ottawa for a short vacation to ski and catch some ice hockey games or that a single professional may take a trip to the nation's capital to check out some of the possibilities in the telecommunications industry or that a retiree may choose to start making plans to settle in the beautiful Gatineau hills.

Whatever your preference, just know that Ottawa has a bit of everything for everyone and that it is a city for all seasons. Come and enjoy the rich cultural diversity, the great museums, the fine dining, and the excellent entertainment. Stay for more than just a while.

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