Even the swankiest Markham real estate home won't fetch its fullest market value on resale if the yard around it is sub par. Green space, particularly in the city, can be hard to come by, so it's important to treat what you have like gold. Though it never hurts to call in professionals, landscaping is a job that any Brantford real estate owner can take on themselves. With the right tools and ideas, you can turn your simple lawn into a garden paradise.

The first place to start, like any creative project, is with an idea. Take a stroll through your neighborhood or flip through some home and garden magazines to decide what best suits both your green space and your tastes. Many people use a deck or patio as the starting point for their renovations, as this tends to be the focal point for parties or family gatherings. In addition, a new or renovated deck can significantly increase the value of your home.

Walkways are another great addition to any North York real estate, as they bring a clean aesthetic to the appearance of your home. Many older homes, which were built with cement walkways that have cracked after years of weathering, benefit from the addition of stone walkways or paths, giving the property a more rustic or natural appearance.

Gardens are the most classic method to improving the landscape of even the smallest Leslieville homes, though they have changed over the years. The key to a successful garden is to find flowers and fauna that can thrive in the environment and soil of your property. Be sure to consult a professional and see what they recommend for your particular landscape. Take into account the layout of your yard when coming up with a layout; homes that have elevated lawns or odd spacing should utilize that to create something unique. Rock gardens are also quite popular for those without the time to care for a classic garden, as they require less maintenance without the sacrifice of aesthetic.

Finding that extra something to add to your landscape can give you an edge against even Edmonton foreclosures when it comes time to sell. Popular for smaller properties are fountains or rock ponds, which give both an added beauty to the yard as well as a bit of white noise for those quiet afternoons. For those with the space and capital, you can never go wrong with a swimming pool. No single outdoor feature helps the resale price of your home than a pool, and it has obvious value when it comes to those hot summers.

Last but certainly not least is your lawn. Nothing raises the wow factor of a property than a rich, green stretch of grass around the property. Even the shabbiest home can look like a palace with a well groomed lawn.

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