When a city holds more than a million people there are sure to be some issues when it comes to commuting. Everyone is going to need to allot a little bit of extra time to get from their home to mortgage brokers Canada based or school in the morning and again to get back at the end of the day. But those living in the city of Ottawa believe that there is a solution that will cut down the time that people downtown spend in transition from one location to another. In January of 2007 the Mayor's Task Force on Transportation created the report "Moving Ottawa", which recommended an east-west rail tunnel through downtown. This was the start of the Ottawa Light Rail project.

Now, more than three years later, the Downtown Ottawa Transit Tunnel Planning and Environmental Study has been conducted and the results approved by the City Council. The same body has also approved the 2010 budget for the project. The studies are currently in the hands of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and geotechnical work is being done on the various sites that will hold the LRT system. While things are certainly progressing, there is still some time before you can take this form of transportation to your meeting or cell phone audit.

Not only will this transportation alternative save time for thousands of people on a daily basis but it will also be doing a lot to reduce the carbon emissions that are being created in the air around the city. It is estimated that this will create 38,000 tonnes fewer emissions, which is the equivalent of planting 3.8 million new trees. The entire system will be 3.2 kilometers long and include thirteen stations. These will run from Tunney's Pasture to Blair. If you're looking into buying new real estate and want an easy commute to where you trade passive ETFs or take your kids to school you might want to think about looking along the proposed route.

Ottawa's population is growing all the time and it is predicted that in thirty years buses would need to arrive every eighteen seconds to fill the need. There are currently about 93 million public transit trips a year and this figure is expected to grow by more than seventy percent to 166 million. Everyone from those seeking government jobs to those that currently drive an Oakville airport taxi are starting to see the appeal of the nation's capital.

It is some time before this project will be completed but there are already those that are asking when it will be expanded into other sections of the city. The trip across downtown is estimated to take thirty minutes less time with the use of this system and will be accessible to everyone from a visiting Toronto naturopath to a retired grandmother. This is a project that will benefit the city upon completion in many different ways.

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