There is a lot for everyone in an Ottawa zip code, and that includes the student aspiring to a post secondary education. The capital city of our nation includes several high quality universities and colleges. Of these, one of the most important is the University of Ottawa. Known in some circles as Canada's University, it is also one of the very oldest in the country, and awards degrees at the higher level through several different schools. Although it does have some affiliate programs, it is most definitely a secular institution despite religious roots.

The University of Ottawa's claim to fame as Canada's university probably stems from the fact that it offers a full range of course in both of the country's official languages. Students wishing for the French population of that city can take their courses in French if they so desire. This is true for all the departments and schools that call the university of home, particularly the more popular programs such as arts and the social sciences. Business schools, the faculty of medicine, and the faculty of law also have their programs in both English and French to reflect the strong tradition of central Canada.

If you are thinking about applying for acceptance into the University of Ottawa, you should go in knowing that it's a lot harder than the average Canadian resume service. Whereas there you just have to worry about your past employment credentials, the University of Ottawa puts a huge emphasis on scholastic performance. In fact, students accepted into the university had an average of almost 82%, high marks indeed whether one is talking a post secondary undergraduate or a person straight out of high school.

The reason for the exclusivity is the school's spot amongst the top post secondary institutions in the country, in many different departments. First of all, a lot of students want to get involved with a university where there are plenty of research opportunities. It's great for future employment if you find a new protein skimmer while completing your doctorate, and good for your academic reputation as well. The University of Ottawa is one of the most research intensive in the country, which means it is a real mover and shaker when it comes to the national knowledge base.

The University of Ottawa has also received international acclaim for its international curriculum and the efforts of its faculty, through various worldwide studies. Graduates don't generally go on to become a real estate agent in Mississauga, with their degrees filed away, either. The school has a high rate of successful and meaningful employment when it comes to its graduates. is brought to you by Luna Farms of Stoney Creek

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