In your search of the Ottawa real estate listings, you will probably come across a few terms that are unfamiliar to you from your previous purchase of Mississauga, Ontario real estate, as trends are bound to have changed in the intervening years. One of the new real estate terms you will see is 'bonus room.' Perhaps you are wondering: 'what is a bonus room?' or 'do I want a home with a bonus room?' This article should provide you with the information you need to make a decision on the issue of whether or not to go for a property with a bonus room.

'Bonus room' is real estate code for 'room that no one quite knows what to do with' so instead of giving it a name and telling the buyers of Brampton homes what to do with it, they named it the bonus room so the owners could decide for themselves. If you buy a home with a bonus room in it, it's up to you what you do with it, but it's location inside the house may limit your options to make sure you see it before making any assumptions about what your use for it could be.

Often times, the bonus room is too small, too oddly shaped, or too low-ceiling-ed to be a bedroom, which is usually what builders try to make the most of when they're constructing properties at 5 Rosehill Avenue. Popular locations for bonus rooms include finished spaces in the attic or basement, or the attic spaces above the garage that are approximately level with the second storey of the house. Other bonus rooms may be small spaces off the main hallway or on the far side of bedrooms.

Although many people go into the purchase of a house with a bonus room thinking that they will use it as a guest room or a games room or a workout room, most bonus rooms end up being used for storage. So when you're looking at the listings, don't count on a bonus room to make up for the home having one fewer bedrooms or bathrooms than you want, because bonus rooms don't convert well or the builders would have done it initially. It's always best to assume that it will be used to store your old aquarium decorations.

Having said that, having extra storage space is always a bonus. Kids also tend to love bonus rooms as there is usually something eccentric about them (the shape, the location, etc.) that appeals to children. So another use you might plan on for your bonus room is a playroom or secret hiding spot within your Richmond Hill townhouses for your children, which might get them excited about the move.

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