Water Watch Association
Renfrew County


May 6, 2004

On Monday May 3rd, a group of concerned rural business owners
gathered at Spectacle Lake Lodge to begin their action against the
government of Ontario's Water Regulation 170-03. This regulation dictates
purification of well water throughout Ontario. It requires the use of UV
based systems and/or chlorination systems on wells that have been untainted
for decades and deemed safe by the Ministry of Health.

             The formation of the group was the end result of numerous
meetings throughout the valley over the last four months. Meetings held in
Renfrew, Cobden, Eganville, Killaloe, and many more, showed a need for a
core of individuals to help organize the actions needed to get this
regulation rescinded.  This legislation will most definitely result in the
catastrophic destruction of small rural businesses, and will deliver a blow
to tourism in not only Renfrew County and Northern Ontario, but all rural
communities, that will be unimaginable.

             All businesses that are accessible to the public be they
seasonal, Church oriented, community minded or tourist based will be
affected by this new legislation. Throughout the valley, municipalities are
struggling with the cost of compliance within towns and villages. The
expense to every taxpayer in Ontario will be astronomical in nature.

             If you are concerned, it is of the utmost importance that you
contact your local municipal councils, and your MPP. If you are in doubt
about your own compliance requirements call your municipality or someone
from the Water Watch Association for information.

             Time is of the essence on this matter because compliance
begins as early as this year for some businesses and organizations.

              Water Watch Association contacts are:
Gunther Borck - 613-757-3606  
Angela Burgess - 613-432-2603  
Gerry Belisle - 613-756-5256