City of Ottawa Licensing Bylaws Harmonization

Stakeholder and Consumer Support for a Rural Solution

This document is in response to the December 7th PUBLIC CONSULTATION – REQUEST FOR COMMENTS report distributed to stakeholders. The regulations and fees structure proposed by the City of Ottawa will dramatically and negatively impact all stakeholders, especially those in the rural areas. It has the potential to shut down farmers’ markets and flea markets and to eliminate roadside vendors. It will also impact the urban areas in unwanted and unplanned ways. Reduced agricultural sales means reduced multiplier revenues for the City of Ottawa. The elimination of local food producers means no access to fresh, locally produced food. Downtown markets almost exclusively sell cheap produce that is trucked in.

In response to the harmonization categories and fees suggested by City of Ottawa staff, stakeholders have drafted a simple and reasonable alternative which will better serve suburban and rural vendors and their customers.  This alternative is attached to this document and is supported by the individuals, organizations and groups (vendors and consumers) listed below. The alternative is simple, reasonable and in tune with the economic realities of the suburban and rural areas of the City of Ottawa.

We urge you, Mr. Mayor and Council, to respect the diverse economic realities of the rural and suburban areas of your City and to direct staff to include the suggested fees structure and proposed workable regulations in the vendor licensing bylaw.



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