"These new technologies will soon make landfills
an embarrassing relic of past thinking"

                                            - Bob McKinley, President of the Rural Council of Ottawa-Carleton





Comments to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment
by Rural Council President, Bob McKinley

re: Waste Management's Terms of Reference
for its Carp Landfill Expansion Application




From: Rural Council of Ottawa-Carleton
Sent: July 18,2010 9:22 PM
To: jeffrey.dea@ontario.ca
Subject: Comments to MOE on the Waste Management ToR

D. Jeffrey Dea, Project Officer 
Ministry of the Environment
Environmental Assessment and Approvals Branch 
2 St. Clair Avenue West, Floor 12A 
Toronto, Ontario M4V 1L5 
Tel: 416-314-7213/1-800-461-6290 
Fax: 416-314-7774 
Dear Mr. Dea:
As President of the Rural Council of Ottawa-Carleton, (which reads the pulse of the thousands of residents within the rural wards of the former Ottawa-Carleton Regional Municipality, of rural Chambers of Commerce, Farm Organizations and Community Associations), I would like to pass along our comments on the Waste Management Inc, Terms of Reference (ToR) related to their request for Landfill expansion.
We believe that the time for mega-dumps in close proximity to urban growth is now passed. With all of the emerging clean technologies leading toward 100% landfill waste diversion, the MOE should really be looking at placing moratoriums (for a few short years) on all such mega-landfill projects in order to allow policy-makers and regulators time to develop modern waste management practices for the times.
No other diversion practice (of any colour bin) will achieve anywhere close to the Ministry's 60% landfill diversion goals, without a lot of costly smoke and mirrors --with attendant taxpayer burden and resentment.
The Rural Council believes that new thermal energy from waste technologies, (called thermal destruction or thermal disintegration), will cleanly recoup valuable energy from waste of all kinds, in a way that will help the environment, will help the economy and will turn the valuable waste 'commodity' 100% away from landfills.

These new technologies will soon make landfills an embarrassing relic of past thinking.
My colleague, Bruce Webster, immediate Past President of the Rural Council, has prepared a submission, sent in separately (and linked below), that sums up in four points, what our organization stands for and believes to be in the environmental and public interests, as we view the matter.
These are:
  1. Let Ottawa control its own IC&I waste

  2. Immediately require WM to demonstrate improved recycling

  3. Have WM transparently evaluate all,  (thermal destruction), 100% landfill waste diversion technologies

  4. Impose a two year moratorium on new landfills and landfill extension permits, while new SOTA thermal waste destruction technologies are proven.

I sincerely hope that the Ministry will give serious consideration to the many thoughtful and constructive comments assembled from our unique public perspective.
Rural Council White Paper on Landfill Waste Diversion:
City of Ottawa Council, Rural Council Past President and Select Public Comments on the ToR:
Bob McKinley
President, Rural Council of Ottawa-Carleton