The Rural Council (Fax or Mail-in) Survey         (Print page)


Our Mission Statement
The Rural Council is a coalition of rural citizens and organizations representing communities, property
owners and small business, dedicated to the preservation and protection of rural rights, values and
freedom from unwarranted urban regulation, through education, advocacy and political leverage.


Survey Questions

The Rural Council would appreciate your answers to the following questions:
(If you are undecided about a question please leave it blank)

  1. Based on the Mission Statement above, do you support
    the efforts of the Rural Council to bring about change?                
    YES____ NO___ 

  2. Are you satisfied with the governance being provided
    to you by the new City of Ottawa since amalgamation?
                  YES____ NO___ 

  3. Would you support DEAMALGAMATION as an option?           YES____ NO___
  4. Should the City and the Province comply with
    any change endorsed by a majority of voters?
                                YES____ NO___

Survey Sheet - Return Options:      (before July 31, 2004)

Print of copy of the Survey Sheet from this this page; then: 
the completed form to 613-838-3104 (no cover sheet needed); or,
it to:
Rural Council, P.O. Box 95, Dunrobin, Ontario, K0A 1T0


  • This survey is intended to represent households in the former rural townships, that have not been reached by the home-delivered Survey Sheets. If you have already filled out a Survey Sheet (that has been delivered to your home), please disregard this on-line version, since
    your input will already have been counted.
  • Because all home-delivered forms have been tracked (with individual numbering), personal identification was not necessary. In order for
    the online survey to be accepted, without any risk of duplication, it must be accompanied with:

* (Required information)
*NAME: _________________________________ *
TELEPHONE #:______________________________  *RESIDENCE ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________________   EMAIL ADDRESS (optional): _____________________________________________________________

Please indicate whether you would like to receive our periodic email updates:  YES____ NO___

(NOTE: All personal information on this sheet will be removed from the survey, and destroyed, after tracking is complete.)
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