"The city must control all of its own waste."
-Mayor Larry O'Brien

Rural Council Reports:                                                       
June 22, 2010

Rain fails to dampen anti-dump ferver

Mayor avows solidarity with residents, to fight expansion. MPP Norm Sterling and councillors add their support

Despite the showers Tuesday afternoon, a large crowd showed up to hear Mayor O'Brien, using a panorama view of the Carp Road Dump as his backdrop, vowing to protect their community from what he has dubbed, "a canker in the middle of a cosmopolitan city."

He said that his declared "war on landfills" is not merely a slogan. It's based on his belief that, "Landfills are a 19th century invention that have no place in the 21st century."

He asserted that the time is long past due for Ottawa to have complete control over all of its waste, including industrial and commercial waste, not just household waste that it now processes.

The Mayor believes that Ottawa could manage the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional, (IC&I) waste diversion and sorting much more efficiently than that being carried out under the current provincial controls.


Mayor Larry O'Brien

CJOH Video clip of the June 22, 2010 rally:
Carp dump expansion gathers controversy

Local politicians give Stittsville residents a show of solidarity against the dump expansion. L to R: MPP Norm Sterling, Councillor Marianne Wilkinson, Councillor Alex Cullen, Councillor Shad Qadri and Mayor O'Brien. Part of the Carp Dump Mountain can be seen in background (left).

Stittsville resident Gilles Chasles is the founder and Chairman of Nodump.ca. He also co-hosted the event with Stittsville Councillor Shad Qadri.

MPP Norm Sterling at the mike

Carleton-Mississippi Mills MPP Norm Sterling has provided stalwart opposition to every previous Carp Road landfill site expansion attempt as well as the current one. "Enough is enough," he stated, "We've done our part. If the landfill has to grow, it's time to take it somewhere else."

As a follow-up to O'Brien's comment that the city should have jurisdiction over its IC&I waste, not just over household waste, Mr. Sterling reiterated his commitment to press the cause in the Provincial Legislature.

Sterling agreed with the mayor, that
the City of Ottawa should have the right to manage it's own waste, and not have the province impose its control over the city's commercial waste. He noted that provincial handling of the IC&I waste has fallen far short of being adequate.

Both Councillors Shad Qadri and Alex Cullen also added that if the city controlled its own commercial waste, the city's existing waste diversion programs would do a much better job of managing the problem.

Councillor Qadri maintains that Waste Management Inc. should be applying waste sorting and landfill diversion much more aggressively, NOW, and not wait while attempting to get and expansion permit, before starting.



 Councillor Qadri - Mayor O'Brien


Councillor Cullen suggested that if the Province won't mandate waste diversion for the ICI sector, then the City should be given this authority. "In this way we can obviate the need for landfill sites near our residential communities by reducing the amount of waste going to them through implementing recycling programs for the ICI sector in our community." 

Realizing that waste diversion has its limits, Gilles Chasles commented, "Ottawa deserves a world class solution. A dump is not a world class solution."

There were many questions from the audience, seeking assurances.
Residents were pleased to see their elected representatives giving so much support in the interest of protecting their health and safety.
Mayor O'Brien suggested that Premier McGuinty should listen to the wishes of residents of his home city: Ottawa. Let's hope he does!


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Excerpt from Shad Qadri's Stittsville News column:
(Note July 19 deadline for registering comments with the Ministry of the Environment, regarding your objections to expanding the landfill...)

A great show of support

I would like to congratulate the West End Coalition for organizing last Tuesday’s anti landfill expansion event on Carp Road. It was a great turnout and a great show of support and I felt the message on why the landfill expansion wasn’t needed was loud and clear. The message regarding the province to wake up about the I C & I sector was well delivered.

As well, it was a positive sign when the message of the importance for the municipality taking the lead in working with the province to take control of the I C & I waste sector was reiterated.

I would also like to thank MPP Norm Sterling and several of my council colleagues including His Worship, Mayor Larry O’Brien, Councillors Alex Cullen and Marianne Wilkinson for attending. Due to other commitments, Councillors Peggy Feltmate and Eli El-Chantiry had representatives from their respective offices present on their behalf. The community appreciated your support as residents continue their battle against a landfill expansion.

I strongly urge all residents to file comments to the Ministry of Environment (MOE) regarding the expansion proposal of the Waste Management (WM) Carp Road landfill. As of Friday, June 18, for a 30 day period, the MOE is welcoming public comments on the project as WM has submitted its Terms of Reference to the MOE.

I would like to remind residents that the TofRs are only for the landfill component. If you would like the scope of the EA process to include other items, please add them to your comments. You can send your comments directly to Jeffrey Dea, Project Officer, Ministry of the Environment at Jeffrey.Dea@ontario.ca until July 19. For more information on the proposal, you can subscribe to the Moving Mountains newsletter via email at moving.mountains@yahoo.ca or see their page on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mmnews. You can also visit websites such as the Stittsville Village Association (www.stittsvilleva.com), the No Dump group (www.nodump.ca), Ottawa Landfill Watch (www.ottawalandfillwatch.org), Richardson Corridor Community Association or my website at www.shadqadri.com.

I encourage you to let your voices be heard to the appropriate representatives.


Landfill protest: Mayor, Councillor, MPP all speak out
Stittsville News -Page 9-News-July 1, 2010-

Background: from CTV Ottawa:

"Ottawa Mayor Larry O'Brien says he wants the City to have control over all waste management.

While the city controls residential waste, it has no authority over commercial and industrial waste - like the material that ends up at the Carp road dump.

Waste Management says it wants to open a new landfill at the site that would handle 400,000 tonnes of garbage per year for 10 years.

O'Brien says if the city controlled commercial waste, instead of the province, it could create a more comprehensive strategy.

He adds the city will fight the proposed expansion."

Register your comments before July 19/10 deadline:

See excerpt of Councillor Shad Qadri's Newsletter for details on how to register your resistance to the Carp Road Dump expansion.

Or, please go to www.nodump.ca  and fill in the letter generator
These letters will be used as part of your response to the ToR.

Your comments are essential, if this is to be stopped!

Bruce Webster's comments forwarded to Ontario's Ministry of the Environment:
Past President of RCOC presents comments to Planning and Environment Committee, City of Ottawa

Other Comments and quotes regarding Waste Management's Terms of Reference (ToR):

Rural Council's WHITE PAPER on how to achieve 100% waste diversion from landfills: http://www.ruralcouncil.ca/energyfromwaste.htm

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